The Show

The Story

When Envision Festival in Costa Rica asked Adam James to craft Danceparty Singalong, little did anyone know the incredible fun and healing it would unleash upon the world.

Picture this: Only the biggest hit songs of all-time, all mashed up to turn the audience into the stars of the show. It's a peak experience where everyone sings along to unforgettable tunes, creating magical moments that linger long after the music stops. Get ready for a journey of joy and connection like never before!


" Best show that I've seen by far at the whole Envision Festival" - Matthew

"That was the highlight of Envision Festival for me. That was the best act" - Milosz

"This show has just reframed my entire childhood and has healed so many negative associations that some of these songs represented. This show is brillant. Thank you so much!" - Oscar

"That was so much fun, Amazing!" - Skylar

Who We Are

Danceparty Singalong: A pop, rock, and soul extravaganza that's an interactive, community-building breath of fresh air at festivals that's lighting up events across North America. Our musical journey is a time machine that spans six decades of timeless classics, taking you on a nostalgia-filled ride through the greatest hits of all-time.taking you on a nostalgia-filled ride through the greatest h

Front and center is our award-winning crooner turned showman, Adam James. After years of crafting epic mashup tracks, he's ready to make your event unforgettable. Join him onstage along with professional musicians to elevate the energy and profile of your event with the ultimate Danceparty Singalong experience!

What We Offer

Get ready to dance, laugh, and sing your heart out! Our one-of-a-kind live mashups of the greatest hits from the '50s to today will turn any event into an unforgettable party. We mix comedy, dance, and improv into 100% pure mashup magic. From festivals to weddings, corporate events to intergalactic shindigs, we've got your singalong fantasies covered. Let's create a musical journey that fits your vibe, budget, and venue โ€“ because we believe every party deserves a soundtrack as epic as Danceparty Singalong! ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŽ‰

Let's connect and together we can make your event spectacular

Created By

Adam James

Vocalist/ Producer